May 24, 2017

Why Robin "Just wanted to forget"

*This post contains spoilers for all three season of BBC's Robin Hood.*

Oh, Robin.

You're a mess. You flirt with any girl that crosses your path. You're outrageously cocky and self-assured. And manage to be an admirable hero despite all of that.

you sure don't avoid it, though

I've been a fan of BBC's Robin Hood for several years now, and count Robin and his lady love, Marian, as one of my absolute favorite couples. They're perfect for each other and complement one another in so many ways. They give each other strength and encouragement to go on and are the bright spots in each other's life.

They need each other as much as England needs them.

Then comes the season two finale, crashing its way onto the screen and destroying all my hopes and dreams in its wake.


Marian dies, leaving a distraught Robin behind. His better half was ripped from him, in the most merciless way imaginable. They whisper their wedding vows to each other and then she's gone.

(*whispers* Are you crying yet, Olivia? *hands you a tissue*)

(I almost didn't watch season 3 after that, I was so heartbroken.)

With that backstory out of the way, I bring your attention to the topic of this post:
Why I think Robin chose to forget Marian in season three.

In season three, Robin is drastically different from his former self in the previous two seasons. It's only to be expected. His heart was destroyed in the Holy Land. His worst fear imaginable was realized, and now he's struggling horribly: to find himself, to fight again, and to reconcile himself to Marian's loss.

As much as I hate that Robin and Marian didn't have a happily ever after, I love the way these events brought new depth to Robin's character. He was taken down roads we would never have seen him on, dragged through the mud and brought to his knees, but raised up again to new heights and glorious, shining victories.

But there's something that persists on driving me crazy about Robin's season three character arc.

Two words:

Isabella.                      Kate.

It irritated me to no end watching my once heroic Robin flirt and fritter his time away with these silly Marian-wannabes in season three. After the first opening episode, Marian was all but forgotten. 
HE EVEN BURIED HER WEDDING RING (well.....her third wedding ring :P) UNDER A TREE.


But despite how teeth-grittingly annoying Robin can be in season three, I've come to understand a few things about his behavior. I still think it was horrible for him to be so unfaithful to his wife, his only true love, when she had only been dead for a matter of months. (I assume it's only a couple months. It certainly didn't take Robin and his gang a long time to get to the Holy Land, why should it take a long time to return?)

But.....I get why he does it.
In fact, his behavior fits with his character.

*Ahem.* Let me begin with my defense. 

So first there's his fling with Isabella. He flirts, she flirts, they kiss, they hold hands, he practically invites her to join the gang, ugh. 

Then, later on in the season, Kate decides she fancies Robin (WHY Kate, WHY. You could have had Allan, but noooo.) Robin encourages, holds her hand, kisses her, la di da di da, till she thinks he loves her.
Season 3 Changes... What Allan says, "Rubbish." The costumes weren't as good as the previous ones, angsty Robin, Tuck FINALLY shows up, and of course Kate and Isabella. Isabella wasn't as bad as the rest, but they tried to make her a replacement for Marian or Djaq instead of making her, more her, if that makes sense. (More in Comments)
yes rubbish because OBVIOUSLY KATE BELONGS WITH ALLAN amiright??

But honestly? I don't think Robin loved Isabella or Kate at all. He liked them, sure. He found them attractive and fun, and I think their fiery personalities reminded him of Marian a little. 
But he didn't love them.

*refrains from making some snarky comment about the ring*
"You know my thoughts. They are for the poor. They are for you. And they're for Marian. The woman I love. The woman who makes me believe that by a twist of fate, we might just be able to see this through."

Even after she was gone, Marian was the one who kept him going. Deep down, he fought for her.

But in order to keep fighting, he had to forget her, in a way. He had to push all thought, all remembrance of her away, deep into the dusty corners of his mind, just so he could function.

 Robin flirted with Isabella and Kate not because he wanted to.

But because he felt he had to.

He says as much to Isabella in season three about his need to forget Marian. When questioned by her about Marian, he says little. But you can see how suddenly weary and broken he appears. When Isabella asks what he felt about her, he tells her, "I just want to forget."

 "In the Holy Land, the men we saw... Every time I raise my bow... I see them. I hear them.... So I have to try not to kill. I have to avoid killing.....And that's why I wasn't there for you... in your hour of need, my friend. Because I have to let those memories go.

 I just have to be free."

Remember those lines, above?  They're from "A Good Day to Die" in season two (one of the BEST episodes).  Robin was telling his friends his own deepest secret, and that secret was that unless he forced himself to forget the horrors of war he suffered, he couldn't fight.

He couldn't even lift his bow unless he made himself forget.

That's why he was never able to talk about Acre with Much. That's why he sometimes acts like what he went through in the Holy Land (prior to season one) didn't happen. Because he knows that if he lets himself show how much it scarred him, he may break.

It's my opinion that losing Marian had the same effect on him. If he didn't force himself to "forget", he wouldn't be able to go on.

Marian: "We were fighters and I'm proud. You keep fighting for me, Robin."

Robin: "I can't fight without you."

Marian: "I'd love to argue with you but we haven't got the time. You promise me, you keep fighting."

We have proof of his inability to fight without her in the beginning of season three. He was consumed with anger and heartbreak, and his thoughts dwelled only on her. He was broken. He had no desire left to fight for the poor of England. It was only after he learned to move on and to put her memory behind him—yes, even going so far as to bury her ring— that he was able to pick up his bow and fight.
To be the Robin Hood he was before.

He finished what they started. And only when this goal was finally met—Nottingham saved from the tyranny of the Sherriff—was he ready.

Ready to go home.

I find the trials and tribulations of Robin's behavior in season three almost worth it when Marian returns for him in those last few moments he has on earth.

And now they can live happily ever after.

(While we fans cry our eyes out, but hey, you can't have everything in life. :P)

Just to be clear, I'm not condoning Robin's behavior in any way. It still grates on me how unfaithful he is to her memory. I guess it'd be different if she had been dead a long time, but STILL. This is Robin and Marian, guys. They're legendary. Not Robin and Kate. Or Robin and Isabella. Robin and Marian.

Season three behavior aside, he also makes a lot of similar mistakes in the earlier seasons. Especially in how he tends to bulldoze over other people and their feelings (cough, Much). But you know what? That's what makes him such a great character. He has his failings, just as we all do. And just as we all need forgiveness for our faults, I find I can forgive Robin his.....even when I sit through some season three episodes and want to reach through the screen and strangle him. :P 
stop laughing at me, Robin. Stop it.

So....there's my thoughts. I apologize if they're a bit rambling and incomplete. But if this post helps you see Robin's behavior in a slightly different light I consider my job done.

And of course, I welcome any and all discussion in the comments!
(Just remember, this is my opinion. Don't hate me please. ;))

May 23, 2017

Robin Hood Week//The Tag

And thus Robin Hood week begins! Here are my answers to Olivia's tag. Make sure to check out her blog for more Robin Hood fun, and Hamlette has a fabulous giveaway going on here.

What was your first exposure to Robin Hood?
The Disney version, if my memory serves me correctly. (Which is adorable and delightful, by the way. I won't be mentioning it much this week, but rest assured I DO love it.) 

On a scale of 1 to 10, how big a fan are you?
I feel like I'm copying Olivia's answer. :P It depends on the version. BBC deserves a 10. All the others fall somewhere lower on the scale, although I still like them well enough. ;)

How many versions and spin-offs of the legend have you experienced?
*Counts with my fingers* Let's see....BBC...Roger Lancelyn Green's book....The Outlaws of Sherwood...the Disney version....does a lame CFR novel slightly based off Robin Hood count? No? Good. Then my answer is four.

PS. I just remembered another lame RH spin off book I read when I was younger, but again, let's not count that. (Granted, it's been a few years. Maybe I'd like it better now. But I digress...)

What is your favorite version of Robin Hood (can be book, movie, TV series, anything)?
I really don't have a favorite.*

Are you one of the lads? (Meaning, have you watched/are you a fan of the BBC show?)
Me? A one of the lads? Please.*

Who is your favorite Merry Man?
URGH that's hard. Maybe Robin? Will? Allan? I don't know....

Do you have a favorite portrayal of Lady Marian?
My answer to anyone who doesn't like BBC's Marian:

Do you have any interest in or aptitude at archery?
Interest, definitely. Aptitude....well, my brother used to own a kid-sized bow and arrow. I think I was able to hit the bull's eye.....

Let's say I could and move on. :P

Fact or fiction -- which do you think? 
I like to think Robin Hood is based after some sort of fact, although my pessimistic side tells me the real Robin was probably not as handsome and heroic and altogether wonderful as some of his fictional counterparts. (If someone has proof to the contrary, please do share your findings.)

Do you think Robin Hood has been "done to death," or are there still new twists that can be found?
There are ALWAYS new twists to be found. Granted, I am not familiar with most of the Robin Hood versions out there, but I'm always open to trying new ones, if they're appropriate and all that jazz. ;) Any suggestions, my merry friends? (Was that overdoing it? Yes, that was overdoing it. Goodness, Natalie stop making such lame jokes. :P)


*In case someone who doesn't know me all too well is reading this, BBC Robin Hood is actually my favorite version of all time, hands down. I was being sarcastic. (Or would it be it tongue in cheek?...)

May 18, 2017

Exciting News For June//"You may call this may call this fortune..."

Natalie has some grand, exciting news to share, everyone! What do you think it could possibly be?

Hmmm, the title says it's an event in June. Could she possibly be getting married? No, that just can't be. She hasn't announced an engagement, and after all, Natalie comes across as way too immature. She's only 18. Goodness, no, that can't be it. :P

Maybe she's attending an event? Maybe the event really doesn't have to directly do with her at all, maybe she's just a guest or a friend involved. Perhaps she's going to be a bridesmaid?

(*whispers* Stop with the wedding guesses! This has nothing to do with a wedding! *disappears in a huff*)

Well, you did say it was in June. Hmp
GIF - Tangled - Pascal Sticks Out Tongue

WHaT coUlD iT BeeeEeEEE???
I love this gif. The best part is that I can't tell if this is Arthur or Bradley!

Give up? I'll allow you a hint.

She's a fellow blogger.

She's a huge fan of the movie that the quote from this post's title comes from.


One June 5th....

Guess who's coming to visit me???



Keep scrolling.

Any guesses?

*extended drumroll*



Miss March!!!!!


Only the most ADORABLE Colin GIF ever...It's impossible to watch this and not smile :)
You're kidding!?

Nope. Not kidding.

(Or, I suppose some of you may be like this:)

But I HOPE most of you are like....



Haha, those gifs sure do exaggerate. I'm not excited at all. Not. At. All. :P

literally me
PS. If any of you are familiar with the characters of my Princess and the Pea story, rest assured they are very happy to have Miss March coming to see them, as well.

PS. I know this post is shockingly bereft of details, but I figured the announcement itself was enough to digest. ;) If you have any questions, fire away! Miss March and I plan on writing a post together, so maybe we can share more details then. (There's really not much to tell, though. I invited her to visit me, she was able to do so, and now we're here, counting down the days!)
(Pssh. We've been counting down the days for months. :P)
(So. Excited.)

PPS. *edit* Check out Miss March's post, too. ;) (It's better than mine. :D)